Aerodrome History


Adazi Aerodrome can trace its origin back to 1973 when during the General Meeting the Board of Kolkhoz “ADAZI” took the decision to settle the airfield (aerodrome) for Agriculture’s needs. Those days Kolkhoz “Adazi” took leading positions in USSR Agriculture field. Following common USSR financial policy the runways of 450m x 20m with taxiways, apron, hangar, fuel and technical/maintenance stations and a storage for mineral fertilization were constructed in very short time. 
Adazi Aerodrome satisfied agriculture needs till 90s of last century. After disintegration of USSR the times of Kolkhoz, state farms “Sovhoz” and the necessity to fertilize fields from the air became a thing of the past.
After the restoration of the independence of the Republic of Latvia in 1990 the real estate was returned to its historic owners. 
Until 2003 the aerodrome belonged to several owners. Restored owners were not interested in aerodrome development, the number of flights were decreasing and the aerodrome fell into decay. 
In 2003 pilots-enthusiasts acquired the aerodrome in their disposal. They repaired the RWYs, leveled nearby fields, built the Hangar, office premises, brought aviation order and rules, completed the Certification of the aerodrome according to European requirements. Now training flights are permitted at the aerodrome.  
In 2009 the Zone for the aerobatics flights was established at the aerodrome.  
Nowadays two Pilot training organizations are based at the Adazi Aerodrome as well as private aircrafts. The aerodrome including RWYs, taxiways are always kept in appropriate conditions for safe operation of the flights.